I'm Kerry from Howl School for Dogs, a professional and accredited dog trainer with a strong focus on welfare, ethics and kindness.  

I work 1 to 1 with clients in the north east UK and also frequently work with  clients all over the world virtually. 

I offer support for the following:

Reactivity & aggression

Resource guarding

Rescue dogs

Prey drive

Scent work

Multi-dog households

Preparing for new baby with dogs


Excessive barking

Low confidence 

Basic life skils

Improving communication and understanding between humans and dogs

Education on dog welfare

Some of this training will be for your dog, but all of it will be for you.

And it will all be ethical and without force or fear.

My Qualifications:

L4 Canine Behaviour & Welfare 

Aggression in Dog Master Course (with Michael Shikashio)

Canine First Aid

Qualified Teacher Status

Ongoing studies: L5 & L6 Canine Behaviour